Search for the truth and publication is a duty of us.

GEN holds that an integral part of the process of advocacy and change process is the collection of reliable and meaningful data, and this forms the basis of our research work. Through GEN’s Working Groups, we have brought together a range of subject experts, consultants and local actors to research key issues in Myanmar and form the basis for evidence-based advocacy. These publications range from briefing papers to brochures, to legal translations and full reports. GEN completed its second large body of work, entitled Raising the Curtain, which explores Myanmar’s cultural norms and social practices in the context of gender equality. Prior to this, our research piece entitled Behind the Silence focussed on the issue of gender-based violence (GBV) in Myanmar and explored both its prevalence and action to combat GBV. Both of these publications, along with our other publications, are available online in English and Burmese at our Research and Publications page.