Our Goal

Myanmar is a society in which there is gender equality at all levels and where human rights are respected, enabling everyone to have equal opportunities, to participate in decision-making, and to live free from violence.

Overall Objective

To facilitate the transformation of norms, systems, structures and practices to enable gender equality and gender justice in Myanmar.


Over the past eight years, GEN and its member organisations have been able to significantly strengthen the evidence base around key aspects of gender inequality and discrimination in Myanmar. The Gender Equality Network (GEN) has undergone significant transformation and growth since its inception in 2008.<...

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Current Donors

Working Group

To carry forward particular initiatives, we form Working Groups with interested representatives from all entire member body of the Network. The Chair of each Working Group is elected by its members. The nature of Working Groups is of two types: regular and ad hoc. Members of Working Groups work collaboratively to explore issues and action areas in-depth and develop innovative campaigns based on the evidence gathered. These Working Groups are also formed to plan and implement initiatives to mark other activities in the international gender equality calendar such as International Women’s Day and 16 Days of Activism.