EU Project

Empowered Civil Society Organizations and Local Authorities Promoting Gender Equality in Myanmar


Objectives of the project

To enhance Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) in their contribution to good governance and development processes that promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.


Porject Target Group

  1.  CSOs, CSO Networks, Women Organizations and Networks

  2.  Members of Parliament at Region and State Level

  3.  Local Authorities at Region and State Level

  4.  Women, Girls, Boys and Men


Intervention Strategies

  • A customized assessment tool will be developed to use for assessing the capacity of COSs/CSO networks and will identify eligible COSs/CSO networks and will identify eligible CSOs/COs networks to take part in organizational developement and capacity building activities.

  • Training on good governance and social accountability for CSOs and LAs will be organized to pilot CSOs-led social accountability actions to maximize the opportunities for joint learning between CSOs and LAs.

  • Provision of financial support to CSOs to implement local gender-related intiatives at the local level.

  • A series of political economy analysis (PEA) will be organized while engaging with LAs and Members of Parliament, linking with existing national processes such as National Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women NSPAW(2013-2022) and producing policy position papers and to address structural issues to achieve institutional change for imporving gender equality.

  • Gender Resource Center will be established to facilitate access to gender-related information in both hard and soft copies by all stakeholders.


Estimated results (ER)

  • ER 1: Increased organizational capacities in GEN and targeted CSOs on internal leadership,management and governance

  • ER 2: Improved knowledge, capacity and leadership skills in targeted CSOs to engage in gender related policy dialogues; to plan, to implement and report on gender and accountability initiatives; and to participate in local and national decision making.

  • ER 3: Targeted CSOs have initiated actions to hold local authorities to account for the implementation of gender-related policies strategies and initiatives.

  • ER 4: Increased engagement between civil society and local authorities on reform of gender-related policies and implementation of strategies and initiatives.