Our Structure

Our Structure

We proudly comprise over 100 Members. Our activities are guided and facilitated by a Steering Committee and our day-to-day activities are managed by our Coordination Unit.

Our Terms of Reference can be found here.


Steering Committee

GEN’s activities are guided and facilitated by a Steering Committee, whose role is to lead the network in determining strategies, priorities and initiatives and oversee the implementation of GEN’s Strategic Plan. The Steering Committee also guides and supports strategic fundraising activities and oversees the management of funds and has a role in selecting and appointing senior staff in our Coordination Unit.

The Steering Committee comprises eleven Members from the following member categories, to ensure an even spread of expertise and Member representation:

- Non-Government Organisations and Civil Society Organisations: up to 5 members

- International NGOs: up to 3 members

- Technical Resource Persons: up to 3 members

From these Steering Committee members, two Co-Chairs are elected by the members for a two-year term.


Coordination Unit

GEN’s day-to-day activities are managed by our Coordination Unit at our office in Bahan Township. Our Communications, Finance, Training and Operations teams work closely to ensure that GEN runs smoothly in providing technical and administrative support, capacity development and information-sharing functions to its Members, Working Groups and the Steering Committee.