Annual Report

Annual Report 2015

Hear from our Director and co-Chairs, find out more about how we work and share our successes and lessons learnt in 2015 in our new-look report.

Director's Message

The year 2015 has been a game-changing year for Myanmar and for GEN. As a network, we entered a new era of financial and programmatic stability. At the same time, Myanmar saw an election where a single party was overwhelmingly and democratically voted into power. This new horizon sets the stage for much-needed change which, we strongly hope, will translate into change in key gender indicators in Myanmar as well. The new political formulation will see the rise of new power centres and GEN will have to shape its advocacy strategies accordingly.  

During this year we launched two pioneering research studies. A qualitative study, Behind the Silence: Violence Against Women and their Resilience, explored intimate partner violence and its causes and consequences in the Myanmar context. The results confirmed that the trends here are consistent with global trends on Violence Against Women (VAW). This evidence lays the foundation for further work on VAW. GEN also launched the path-breaking study Raising the Curtain: Cultural Norms, Social Practices, and Gender Equality in Myanmar. The study examines historical narratives and contemporary social, cultural and religious views that impact on gender relations in Myanmar, including ways in which norms influence attitudes and behaviour and how transgressions of these norms are punished. The launch of this important piece of work has reaffirmed the status of GEN as a leading facilitator for in-country work on shaping the discourse as well as formulating responses to gender equality related issues.  

In 2015 we continued to build on our advocacy work to push for the implementation of the National Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women  (NSPAW) 2013 - 2022 and played a leading role in the development and review of a Prevention (and Protection) of Violence Against Women (PoVAW) Law, in order to ensure that Myanmar’s legal framework is consistent with international standards in offering protective mechanisms and concrete support for the right of women to live a life free from violence.  

GEN continues to ensure wide ownership of all its initiatives within the membership base. To this end, we have continued to invest in the creation of Working Groups to take our work forward. Our members are our strength and without them the important work we do would not be possible. We hope this Annual Review will give you a bird’s eye view of the work we do and we also hope you enjoy our new-look report! 

Ma Phyu

May Sabe Phyu is an internationally renowned women’s rights activist who has consistently championed gender equality issues in Myanmar. She has successfully steered the network from its first Strategic Plan phase to the second, for the period 2016-2018.