Who we are

Our mission is to facilitate the transformation of norms, systems, structures and practices to enable gender equality and gender justice in Myanmar.

We are a diverse and inclusive network of more than 100 civil society organisations, national and international NGOs and Technical Resource Persons working to bring about gender equality and the fulfilment of women's rights in Myanmar, through building the evidence-base in the new emerging context in Myanmar, advocacy in national, regional and international forums and innovations in communications, and through capacity building initiatives.

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We believe that addressing gender inequality and respecting women's rights is critical to equitable and people-centered development, to building peace and democracy, and to meet the unique challenges and opportunities Myanmar faces today. Our membership is both inclusive and strategic: it encompasses members with a sound understanding of situations and needs at the grassroots level and with access to information, expertise and opportunity. We are member-driven and member participation is key to our work. Our diverse membership base, drawn from across the country: represents the interests of multiple stakeholders including marginalised populations; possesses technical capacity on various rights issues with a focus on gender and; most importantly, is able to mobilise a range of stakeholders to contribute to change processes.  Our key means of carrying forward initiatives is through specific Working Groups, which use a collective action approach to bring about targeted and effective gender equality initiatives through campaigning, advocacy and research.


Our Vision

Gender equality at all levels of Myanmar society; where all women are empowered, can fully realize their rights, are in positions where they can effectively lead, and are treated with dignity and respect.


Our Mission

To facilitate the transformation of norms, systems, structures and practices to enable gender equality and gender justice in Myanmar.



Our Objectives

Key Objectives:

1 Gender Equality in Governance and Public Life

Awareness of the importance of gender equality in governance enhanced and opportunities for women to effectively participate in governance in all sectors increased.

2 Action Against GBV

Awareness increased and support provided to stakeholders to implement effective evidence-based mechanisms and strategies to prevent and respond to gender-based violence.

3 GEN Strengthening

GEN is a dynamic and cohesive network of skilled and confident members who are able to work effectively for gender equality and gender justice.

The Overarching Objective:

4 Social Practices and Cultural Norms

Social Practices and Cultural Norms: Social practices and cultural norms favouring gender equality are articulated and reinforced, and strategies for responding to those that discriminate against women are identified and implemented.


Our Donors

GEN is grateful for the generous support of the following:

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